Skydive campaign

Poor visibility? I won’t jump!

I was asked to create some posters to raise awareness of the negative impact of skydiving on people living in the area around the skydiving centre. 

While it is not a campaign against skydiving per se it was thought to educate skydivers about the noise they create – thousands of people on the ground can hear their whoop of joy. 

The posters should also inform skydivers of the dangers of jumping through a cloud cover – it’s both illegal (in Germany) and they might risk their own death or that of others (both fellow skydivers and plane occupants). 

Your cheer… our clamour/noise | Jumping through a cloud cover can end deadly

The campaign was held in bold colours. It was important to catch one’s eye while it should convey a clear message with little text or distracting details.

Jumping through a cloud cover? Illegal & dangerous! | 20 years of skydiving are enough! | Your fun… our clamour/noise!

I received a lot of positive feedback so far – skydivers seem to be more considerate whenever the posters are on display.