The world’s smallest penguins

Oamaru is a great little place on the coast of NZ’s south island. Apart from being the centre of NZ’s steampunk movement, it is also home to the world’s smallest penguin: the blue penguin.

Detail at the quirky Steampunk HQ museum | Blue penguin standing watch

Whilst you can pay for a premium spot at the Blue Penguin Colony (where the little fellows come ashore at sunset) we wanted to save the dollars and stayed at a campsite just opposite the harbour. According to previous visitors you can sometimes spot some blue penguins waddling around the area after nightfall. It so happened that we spotted three little penguins not even 10m from our car. With only about 30cm height they are really rather small. They are the cutest things!

They just don’t know what to do with their hands!

– Chris

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A blue penguin is standing guard as some of its chicks are nesting under the boats. Watch on Vimeo for HD.