Kaikoura in pictures: pre and post 7.8 earthquake

A few impressions of beautiful Kaikoura before and after the crazy 7.8 earthquake and more than 3000 aftershocks until today (one week after the quake)! The town itself doesn’t look that badly damaged at first sight though quite a few houses are not safe to enter any longer. All three roads out of Kaikoura are buried under massive landslides and are heavily damaged by the uplifting movement of the quake.

Nevertheless the people of the town are incredibly friendly and are working hard to get back on their feet. One of the worst aftermaths for the seaside town will be the lack of tourists in the next months or year. Our campsite received more than 500 cancellations in the few days after the quake.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that roads will open soon again and visitors will return to the town which depends so much on tourism.

This last week was certainly unforgettable – not only because of one of the strongest earthquakes in NZ in the last decades but also because everyone was very helpful and made a big effort in making our stay as comfortable as possible: Thank you Kaikoura for your absolutely fantastic hospitality! Also many thanks to NZ Defence Force, Civil Defence Emergency Management Canterbury and all people and nations involved in doing such a great job supporting and rescuing the residents and visitors in Kaikoura!

I will definitely return! 

Kia kaha Kaikoura!

For more pictures of the worst affected areas around the town, have a look at National Business Review’s album on Facebook for example.